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Etnos is a traveller who, for more than twenty years, goes all over countries where cultural traditions do still resist to the Great TV Globalization.

Etnos has been welcomed into the magic world of the Dogon in Mali, has safely crossed the land of the Tajik tribes in Central Asia or the Tamil's in Southern India.

Etnos is a collector who has been conquered by the ethnic jewels charm, by the power of some precious stones, by simple objects of everyday use : at times real artworks.

Get in touch with him, he'll be glad to answer back from any part of the planet he'd be.

He could be in the right place at the right moment !

Perhaps right where your next beautiful object can be found !!!



ceremonial gown


This textile I am proposing, called Ntchak, is a rich gown in rafia fabric that noblemen used to wear during sacred cerimonies, in the ancient kingdom of Kuba,Zaire.


Etnos is based in Milano and ships from there to the country you reside in.

Regular shipments by registered mail are at my expenses (r.m.takes ten days to the US ,for instance). If you prefer faster service please ask me for quotations.

I will accept pre-payments of all kinds, also BidPay or PayPal.

All sales are final so please ask me everything you want to know, before committing yourself.

You have my guaranty that you can have your money back if the object does not correspond at what I have stated or at the photo you've seen !

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